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Captain Gringo Preservation Society
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Captain Gringo Check List

Do you have all of these books?




02-Blood Runner___

03-Fear Merchant___

04-Death Hunter___

05-Macumba Killer___

06-Panama Gunner___

07-Death in High Places___

08-Over the Andes to Hell__

09-Hell Raider___

10-The Great Game___

11-Citadel of Death___

12-The Badlands Brigade___

13-The Mahogany Pirates__

14-Harvest of Death___

15-Terror Trail___

16-Mexican Marauder___

17-Slaughter in Sinaloa___

18-Cavern of Doom___

19-Hellfire in Honduras___

20-Shots at Sunrise___

21-River of Revenge___

22-Payoff in Panama___

23-Volcano of Violence___

24-Guatemala Gunman___

25-High Sea Showdown___

26-Blood on the Border___

27-Savage Safari___

28-The Slave Raiders___

29-Peril in Progresso___

30-Mayhem at Mission Bay__

31-Shootout in Segovia___

32-Death Over Darien___

33-Costa Rican Carnage___

34-The Golden Express___

35-Standoff in the Sky___

36-Guns for Garcia___

Good luck collecting your books!