Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit

"An Electronic Journal for Native Americans and Their Supporters"

A warrior is respected by his People
and despised by dishonorable enemies.
A warrior is loved by his People
and respected by honorable enemies.
Respect makes the warrior spirit rest.
Disrespect makes the warrior spirit restless.
A warrior is to be respected and loved,
a restless warrior spirit is to be feared,
a restless warrior spirit is on the move.
Respect the warrior spirit my friends.
Let the dishonorable enemy know fear.

Related by Billy Ira Fort, Florida Seminole, to his grandson, Adonaset. Used by permission of the Grandson.

Thanks to all who have supported Warrior Spirit. This site was originally designed to provide up-to-date news on issues of interest to Native Americans and their supporters. Because of time constraints, this page has fallen behind.

The good news is readers of this page can subscribe to the NASCS News Service. It is a great source of up-to-the-minute news of interest to Native Americans. They can be reached at: NASCS News.

Instead of news, Warrior Spirit will concentrate on editorials and such that have a longer "shelf life." Herewith the first rant.

The Mayflower All Over Again

Every Thanksgiving, the town of Plymouth, Massachutsetts celebrates the first Thanksgiving. There are plays, parades, the sort of things one might expect. People dress in historical costumes, speeches are made, that sort of thing.
There are those who dissent and consider the whole thing hypocritical. These are American Indians and their supporters. They reason that the Pilgrims would not have survived without aid from the indigenous people, who were repaid for their kindness with treachery and violence. In recent years, the Indians have joined together to protest the goings-on at Plymouth.
This year things took an ugly turn. The police decided to eliminate the Indian demonstration. Indians, including elders, were physically abused and restrained ith handcuffs. Crowd control gas was used against them.
This suppression of these Native Americans is one more redundant example of the way the dominent culture treats those people who helped the Europeans survive their earliest days in North America. Not that anyone should be surprised. Not one treaty entered into by the United States with the indigenous native nations has been kept.
In the west, the Lakota were guaranteed peaceful possession and occupation of the Black Hills (Paha Sapa) forever. That all ended when gold was discovered. The Black Hills were stolen in flagrant disregard of the treaty rights of the Lakota people. And so it goes.
The government of the United States should restrain from criticizing the policies of other nations toward their indigenous populations until it is willing to enforce the numerous treaties with the First Nations of North America that it has callously abbrogated.
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