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Lewis Wides Memorial Wine Tasting and Temperance Society
In the beginning...

The Lewis Wides Memorial Wine Tasting and Temperance Society was founded 
on Saturday evening, May 2, 1998, at a home located on Lewis Wides Lane 
in Murphysboro, Illinois.  Officers were duly elected and appointed. All 
shall serve for one calendar year with the next election to be held on 
the Saturday evening most proximate to May 2, 1999.

                      1998 officers are as follows:

                         President: Terry Crain
                      Vice President: Eric Ebersohl
                   Administrative Consultant: Laura Roth
                      Secretary-Treasurer: Amy Colvis
                        Sergeant-at-arms: Matt Yusko
                  Public Relations Director: Larry Peterson
                  Director, Tennessee Region: Brooke  Beggs
                     Standards and Practices: Jim Berezow
                         Der Webmeister: Bob Fester

The above-named officers collectively form the Governance Council which 
is and shall continue to be responsible for the ongoing activities of 
the organization, including, but not limited to: membership standards, dues 
assessments, rules of procedure, and product endorsements.  Roberts Rules 
of Order shall serve as procedural reference.

The President shall preside over meetings. In his absence, the vice 
president shall preside. In the event that both are absent, the meeting shall 
be rescheduled.

Other matters shall be determined as the Council sees fit.

What Constitutes a Fine Wine?

Wine is more than simply fermented fruit juice which one drinks to 
quench one's ordinary thirst.  That requirement is better satisfied by 
water. Rather wine is a unique experience that adds richness to one's
life. Fine wine is to the palate as is the stroke of a master painter 
to the canvas. It is this caress of the senses that makes wine more
--much more--than a beverage, and elevates it to an almost spiritual 
plain. One need only recall that Jesus Christ chose water into wine 
rather than any other drink.

Although this page is very much under construction, come back to this
section soon to read the opinions of the LWMWTTS membership on this 
topic.  In the end, however, taste is a most individual matter, and
each must decide what matters most: bouquet, "legs," or, perhaps, 
texture? Visit us again to see what the membership thinks matters.

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Lewis Wides Memorial Wine Tasting and Temperance Society