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Augustus Fester's Family Homepage

This page is dedicated to Augustus (1804-1869) and Helena Fester (1804-1893), two German pioneers who settled in Calhoun County, Illinois, before the American Civil War. This couple from Germany established the roots of a family tree that has since spread across the country.

Fester Family Reunion Held in Calhoun County

Deann Koster-Fester and her Husband Jim hosted what is hoped will be the first of many Fester family reunions. This celebration of the lives of Augustus and Helena Fester was held at St. Matthew Hall in Brussels, Illinois.

Festers from Illinois were joined by relatives from places as distant as Northern California and Rhode Island. Tom Fester, Great Great Grandson of Augustus and Helena through Ferdinand Fester, then Will Fester and William Fester, came from northern California while his brother Jim (pictured to the right) joined the gathering from Rhode Island. They split the prize for the longest drive

Mary Elizabeth Fester (also pictured to the right) and her father Bob came up from Cambria (Williamson County) Illinois for the reunion. Mary is the Great Great Great Granddaughter of Augustus and WIlhelmina through Ferdinand, Frank, George, and Robert Fester. When Bob threatened to leave Mary home, she picked up her bat and... Reverend WIlliam Fester (Alton) and Richard Fester (Jefferson City, MO) also represented Ferdinand Fester's branch of the family tree.
The Weigels and the Kinders won the honor of having the most family members present. The Kinders can trace their ancestry from Caroline Fester (1831-1897) who married Frederick Kinder. They had 14 children! The Weigels claim Fester lineage through Charlotte Fester (1843-1888) and Jacob Weigel, who had 8 children.. CALLING ALL FESTERS! Please email to me the details of your branch. I need the information on who attended from the families of Charles, Caroline, etc.. I am new at the geneology thing and need all the help I can get. I posted the Ferdinand stuff first because he is the ancestor I know best. But this page is for everyone from Augustus so--help!!

I'd also like a listing of any Fester home pages so I can link to them.



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