Like A Drum

An Eagle shackled
Cannot spread its aching wings.
Cannot catch a thermal breeze and rise
Cannot soar above the Earth and sing as only Eagles sing,
Cannot rise in freedom to the skies

An Eagle shackled
Waits and watches through a window pane
Waits and watches as the dungeoneers search out another vein
Waits and watches, in the cold, the damp, the rain.
Waits and watches through the loneliness and pain.

An Eagle shackled
Perches waiting for the Dawn to come,
Heart unfettered beating like a shaman's drum,
Drum that once beat at a council fire,
Drum that beats beside a funeral pyre.

An Eagle shackled
Still must sit and wait
While Creator contemplates his fate,
Eagle dreaming, gazes at the darkening sky
Dreaming someday he will spread his wings again and fly.

Until the day of sweet release shall come
An Eagle shackled
Waits and dreams
Heart unfettered beating like a shaman's drum.

Robert Fester 6/19/97
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